February 20

Entrepreneurs' Day

Want to set up a company for free on February 20, 2021? Why not.

As the Bank for Entrepreneurs, we founded Entrepreneurs' Day. Together with our partners, our aim is to make sure as many entrepreneurs get off to the best start possible, and to also provide them with attractive offers to thank them for contributing greatly to the prosperity, development, and advancement of Switzerland. 

Get started for CHF 0 

Now you can thanks to Credit Suisse and STARTUPS.CH.

Why are we doing this? Because entrepreneurs form the backbone of the Swiss economy. They think ahead and look beyond what's there to see what could be. They don't become entrepreneurs by accident, but out of conviction.


When starting up your own company, you need to think through everything carefully – from the appropriate legal form and business plan to the right banking package. Are you ready to set up your own company for free on February 20, 2021?

3 steps to set up your company for free on February 20, 2021

Benefit from offers for existing SMEs

Discover exciting offers and campaigns offered by our partners on February 20.

Swiss Venture Club

The Swiss Venture Club (SVC) has been promoting, connecting, and supporting entrepreneurs in Switzerland since 2001. 


Free one-year individual or corporate memberships

You too can become part of this important entrepreneurs' network and benefit from a free one-year membership when you join the SVC as an individual or corporate member on Entrepreneurs' Day. 


Take your chances in the SVC competition

There is a chance for you to participate in a competition and to win attractive prizes. 


Switzerland Global Enterprise

The official Swiss organization for export promotion and location promotion supports Swiss SMEs in their international business and innovative companies in establishing themselves in Switzerland.

Win a one-year free membership

With an annual membership at S-GE, you are part of a competent export community, benefit from exclusive member specials and receive attractive price advantages.


Benefit from free coaching for your international business

Would you like to conquer foreign markets with your start-up company? Take the chance and discuss your plans with the S-GE experts for international business. 


TOP 100 Swiss Startup Awards

TOP 100 Startups brings CEOs of startups, investors, executives, and the media together at the exclusive TOP 100 Swiss Startup Awards. 


Win tickets for the TOP 100 Swiss Startup Award 

Would you like to virtually attend the eleventh edition of the TOP 100 Swiss Startup Awards on September 1, 2021? Snap to it on February 20, and you may be one of the five people who get the opportunity to take part in this one-​of-a-kind event.


Giving ideas the space to grow

Credit Suisse Enterpreneur Capital Ltd.

Venture capital to support SMEs and young entrepreneurs? Why not. Credit Suisse Entrepreneur Capital Ltd. invests in SMEs with growth potential. Perhaps even in yours?



"upbeat" – the Swiss series on startups

Handelszeitung - in cooperation with Credit Suisse - is creating a weekly series with podcasts, articles, and videos, exploring the stories behind startups: The ups, the downs, and what the young entrepreneurs learned along the way.

Subscribe now and tune in:

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