Everyone has their own goals in life. The first step is to carefully discuss what’s important to you, before seeking comprehensive advice to help you achieve your goals.

Financial Planning

Our comprehensive financial planning helps you take the worry out of your future and gives you more time for the things you really care about. We tailor your personalized financial plan to your individual needs, life goals, and expectations. That’s what really matters – working together to ensure you can make your dreams come true.


Pension provision

Planning for your retirement when you’re young pays off when you're older. Ideally, you should already be planning your financial future today. Credit Suisse is the first bank in Switzerland to enable its clients to review their own financial situation using the innovative CSX Financial Plan function in mobile banking. It lets you take the worry out of your financial future. That’s what really matters.



Want more space for the kids? To move to the countryside? To buy your own home? We'll help you make your dream come true. Our certified financing experts will be happy to put together the ideal financing solution for your dream home. This way, you can be sure to get the best financing for a home you can call your own. That’s what really matters.



Make your money work harder. Even with low interest rates. We offer you various investment solutions – from first-class full service to compact options that cover your essential needs. That’s what really matters – building wealth to achieve your goals.


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